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The AAOE Benchmarking Survey collects valuable data from orthopaedic practices across the country. This data provides you with the answers you need to make vital decisions for your practice.

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*As a reminder, your username for the portal is your email address. If you forgot your password, use the Forgot Your Password function. Portal access requires the purchase of a subscription.

Take the AAOE Benchmarking Survey

This year's Benchmarking Survey is now more user-friendly than ever! To request your survey, click the button below and confirm your contact information.

By completing the Benchmarking Survey you will receive the results, free! The results include valuable practice management data related to compensation, productivity, overhead, and staffing that you can use as a resource when facing the day-to-day questions and challenges you handle as a practice administrator. 

How to Prepare for the Survey

Need help preparing to take the survey? Check out these helpful resources, including a checklist of items you can start gathering now and a list of reports and data you will need. Explanations for the different worksheets are also available within the survey itself. 

How to Submit Your Completed Survey

The deadline for completing the survey is June 1, 2017.  Now extended to June 14!

Click here to upload your completed survey directly to the AAOE Data Portal. You can also return your completed survey to AAOE Informatics Director Vicki Effland, PhD via email at veffland@aaoe.net.

If you are not an AAOE member but would like to take the survey, contact Vicki Effland at 317-749-0626 or veffland@aaoe.net for more information. 

The AAOE Benchmarking Results for data year 2015 reflect the data from 185 orthopaedic practices that participated in the AAOE Benchmarking Surveys for data years 2014 and 2015, representing various practice sizes, specialties, population sizes, and regions. 


Purchase the AAOE Benchmarking Results today to get the latest orthopaedic specific data, including:

  • Revenue and expense data collected by sub-specialties within orthopaedic practices.
  • Productivity and compensation data for physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants.
  • Compensation and benefits data for orthopaedic executives.
  • Overhead expenses.
  • Charges, collections, and accounts receivable.
  • Ancillary service data, including X-Ray, MRI, PT, and DME.
  • Recruitment strategies.
  • Call service data.
And more!


To provide access to these results in the way that works best for you, AAOE is offering different purchasing options this year. Read below to learn more about each of the following purchasing options: Benchmarking Portal Access Data Year 2015, Benchmarking Portal Results for Data Year 2015 eBook, or the complete Benchmarking Results Package (portal access plus the eBook!).

Results eBook*
(nearly 100 pages!)
Both Portal Access and 179-page eBook
Member Price
$450(save $250!)
Nonmember Price
$450 $450


AAOE Benchmarking Portal Access Data Year 2015

AAOE Benchmarking Portal Access provides you with the most complete results from the AAOE Benchmarking Survey and the ability to customize 50 reports and dashboards by practice size, region, state, specialty, and other variables. The interactive reports available in the Portal can be exported to PDF and saved as an image and used in presentations and documents. You can create bookmarks so that you can save your customized reports and return to them at any point during the year.
Access to the AAOE Benchmarking Portal will last through October, 2017 (estimated launch of the Benchmarking Results for Data Year 2016). 


Click here to purchase Benchmarking Portal Access Data Year 2015.


AAOE Benchmarking Portal Results for Data Year 2015 eBook

The AAOE Benchmarking Results eBook is a PDF of all 50 reports included in the AAOE Benchmarking Portal, plus data tables providing benchmarking results (i.e., industry average, 25th percentile, median, and 75th and 90th percentiles) by practice size. The practice size data tables are only available in the eBook. 


Click here to purchase the Benchmarking Portal Results eBook.


AAOE Benchmarking Package: Portal Access + Results eBook

This package provides all of the benefits of accessing the 50 interactive reports in the AAOE Benchmarking Portal and the AAOE Benchmarking Results for Data Year 2015 eBook, with detailed benchmarking results presented by practice size.

Click here to purchase the complete Benchmarking Package.


As offered each year, if you participated in the 2015 Benchmarking Survey you receive access to the 2015 Benchmarking Results for free.  

Questions? Submit any questions about the Benchmarking Report to AAOE Informatics Director Vicki Effland, Ph.D. (veffland@aaoe.net).  


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